When I started grooming my puppy 2 years ago, I barely knew how important this seemingly mundane activity actually was. I simply did it out of love for my little poodle and probably because I am a meticulous person with genuine interest in caring for the ones I love. Then with time, I came to realize I should definitely make this a habit and train my dog to be familiar and comfortable with grooming. Here are the top reasons why.

Healthy routines

People usually associate grooming with “beautifying” your dog. This is not the whole picture. Grooming is about keeping your dog hygienic and healthy as well.


We are told since we were small that daily hygiene is essential. We learned how to brush our teeth, wash our face, comb our hair, and later in life, we learned to make up!


All of this is natural and so is grooming to dog. We need to get our dog familiar with daily or weekly activities like bathing, brushing and combing, trimming nails, checking ears…


It not only prevents her from diseases and infections but also gives her a good discipline to follow. Moreover, it has never been easier to take care of your dog nowadays with the help of plenty of tools and supplies in the market, like dog grooming clippers, dog dryer, dog shampoo and conditioner…


Reduced cost

Once you are familiar with the process of dog grooming and have the proper set of tools at hand, you will be less dependent on professional dog grooming service. Detecting your dog’s abnormalities early on while grooming for your dog will also save you a lot of expenses (and worry) on bringing her to the veterinarian.


Family welfare

This may sound a little irrelevant but come to think about it, grooming your dog will prevent excessive shedding and imagine how this can benefit all your family.


Your mom would no longer complain about a house filled with dog hair. Your allergic grandpa would live happier and healthier. And your whole family would be more approved of you keeping a hairy friend around in the house.


Personal bond

Grooming is a great chance to strengthen the bond between you and your lovely pet. Taking care of your dog will give you more sense of responsibility and attachment. She will probably feel the affection and care she received!


If you always consider your dog as a family member or a close friend then it is totally worth investing more time and effort in giving her the care she deserves. Happiness is seeing your dog growing healthy and beautiful, isn’t it?



Summer is coming and it’s getting hot and your dog (slash your son/daughter) is in need of some grooming after a long winter of caving. So now, you need to take your dog to a pet salon to get him/her groomed. And I bet you are wondering how long does it take for your dog to get groomed. So, let me answer it for you.

First of all,  you should know when you have your dog groomed at a salon, you are expecting a whole packages of bathing, pre-works and grooming so it might take a while to groom your dog. Secondly, the times also vary from one hour to even 6 hours depends on your dog and the condition of his/her coat and many other situations.

Usually, if your dog is one of the small breeds such as Chihuahuas or dachshunds or Yorkies, it should only take about an hour to an hour and a half for a straight grooming service. Other kinds of dogs like Poodles, Bichons, Pomeranians are harder to groom die to their furry nature so it might take two to three hours to groom them. Of course if your dog is one big and hairy dog or has a lot of mats in his/her coat it might even take longer than that. But I can assure you that it is worth the wait because your dog deserve such care!

So why does your dog “hair treatment” takes so much time, sometimes it takes more than yours. Well, as I said before, grooming your dog take a whole processes before the groomers actually groom your dogs. Usually the process goes like this: bathing (which usually need a second bath), nail trimming, sanitary, ear cleaning… grooming (depends on your dog it is trimming, cutting or stripping) and drying. Now I think you can get the picture. If the salon you and your dog go to has a rotation system, where one dog get treated after another constantly in each of every step, then the time will shorten.

Another factor that affect the grooming time is the condition of your dog. If your dog get treatments often, and the coat is not too furry or matted, it won’t take a while. If your dog coat is in poor condition such as matted or knotted, the groom will take longer. Others factors such as temperament, health issues, styling requirements, and scheduling times all contribute to the answer. A docile and sweet- tempered one will help the groomer works faster and more confidently.  If your dog is too nervous and doesn’t cooperate well then the grooming process might have a temporally stagnation. And, of course your groomer, if she is a skilled groomer will work faster than a newcomer.

So here are some tips to shorten help save you time:

  1. Make an appointment beforehand
  2. Go to a prestige pet salon or your trusted salon at your local places.
  3. Make your appointment early in the morning because that’s when they work the fastest.
  4. Do get your dog groomed and treated regularly for at least every 2- 3 months
  5. Be sure to know what your dog needs

Hope this article help you and your dog have a fun experience with grooming!