Patterdale Terrier Puppy has Dislocated Hip

My Patterdale Terrier Coco is now 18 months old. She had a very tough time as a puppy. Just before her first Christmas she was playing out in the garden. She came to the door and couldn’t get up the first step into the house. I found her right back leg was lifted and was behind her other back leg. When i picked her up she whimpered. I took her straight to the vet. They told me that her hip had dislocated and they were going to have to keep her in. This broke my heart. Coco is like my baby, i have never wanted children and would rather have hundreds of dogs .
They said they would need to put a sling on her and give her some pain relief. The next day I rang to see how she was. The vet said they were keeping the sling on and that they would be taking it off the following day to see if the hip would stay in place. They said that she was a bit off of her food at first and they found she preferred to be hand fed by the nurse. Typical Coco. So the day arrived for her sling to be removed. The vet rang to tell us her hip had re-dislocated and she would need surgery. This meant that they would need to remove her hip.

The thought of Coco, still a puppy, having to go through this was beyond difficult. They said she could end up walking with a limp but her muscles, as she was young, would eventually form a replacement. So she had the operation. Now stupidly i had cancelled our pet insurance, This meant that with the treatment, two nights stay at the vets, x-rays, medication and now the operation, the cost came to over £1,000. We didn’t have this sort of money so i had to sell my car to pay for it. There was no way I wouldn’t go ahead with it.

She had the op on the morning of Christmas Eve, I was even more upset that she wouldn’t be able to come home for Christmas. The vet called to advise the op went well and she could come home, I was so happy. It was around the clock care when she came home. She wasn’t allowed to eat for the 1st day as she was still groggy! She wasn’t allowed out and she wasn’t allowed to walk or jump. If she needed to go for a wee I had to pick her up and take her out. She constantly cried for days. The vet said after three days she should start to put her paw down. Two weeks had gone by and she hadn’t even attempted it. Back to the vet she went. They said she was an over dramatic puppy and gave her more medication. Approximately two days later, I threw a ball for her. She chased it and put her paw fully to the ground. It took a lot of time and exercise to get her better.

Now Coco is like a different dog in a good way she’s happier now than she was before this happened. She runs faster and plays more. The vet and I couldn’t tell how or why this had happened to Ccoco but it makes me think she may have had problems before. I’m so glad shes okay. She still limps a little bit when she’s been on long walks or it’s cold but otherwise she’s perfect.