The Guardian Campaign: Mission Statement

The Guardian Campaign strives to bring about a more humane world by modeling responsible, caring and respectful language and behavior toward the animals and the people we encounter at home, in school and in our community.

The Guardian Campaign: Goals

  • To verbally acknowledge the deep bond that forms between people and their animal companions.
  • To recognize true animal guardians who provide their companions a safe, healthy and loving environment and encourage others to do so.
  • To raise a new generation of animal guardians who no longer see an animal as property to be exploited, an object to be abandoned, or a thing to be abused and neglected at the hands of an ”owner.”
  • To foster humane values in children who will then in turn better serve their communities as responsible animal guardians.
  • To reconnect neighborhoods by restoring the values of empathy, protection, care and consideration toward family members, neighbors, children and animals in each community.
  • To accomplish an historical shift toward a more humane public standard regarding animals by incorporating the term “animal guardian” into local and state ordinances.
  • To render animal abuse, neglect, abandonment, profit-driven breeding and sale of animal companions socially unacceptable, with the following desired results:
    • A sustained reduction in the number of animals bred and sold for profit.
    • A sustained reduction in the number of animals killed in shelters.
    • An increase in the number of animals rescued and adopted into good homes.
    • An improved system of cross-reporting of child and animal abuse and neglect.