How to Tell If Your Dog is Overweight

Overweight dogs are becoming a common problem for the most attentive pet parents. These dogs can e able to eat much, but they always feel hungry. In fact, this problem can exacerbate existing ailments. That’s why you should start a weight loss program as soon as possible. Check out this article to learn about this problem.

How your Dog Becomes Overweight

Most pet owners think that the main cause of overweight dogs is chronic overfeeding as well as lack of activity. There are some breeds who can easily get overweight such as cocker spaniels, bulldogs, and golden retrievers. In fact, this problem can increase the risk of many other problems such as high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. In addition, your dog may be in the difficulty when breathing.

dog overweight

Dangers of Obesity for Dogs

Obesity is one of the most common problems in dogs. This condition can lead to joint damage, mobility problems, cancer, heart disease, and other health problems. If your dog is an overweight dog, he will have to suffer from a great deal of strain on his body. This problem also impacts on his quality of life. In addition, there are other consequences of this condition such as decreased exercise tolerance, difficulty breathing, digestive disorders, heat intolerance, as well as decreased immune function.

Scoring Your Dog’s Body

You can use your BMI to identify the healthy weight range for your dog’s body. His weight is assessed on a scale between 1 to 9. In order to know exactly your dog’s body score, you have to perform a set of simple checks.

Feel your dog’s ribs. Although you can feel a layer of fat over them, you can also feel individual ribs. If you can still feel your dog’s ribs, he may be too thin. On the contrary, your dog is overweight.

Feel for other parts such as the spine, hips, and shoulders. Your dog is too thin if his bones protrude. On the contrary, your dog is overweight.

Assess your dog’s body shape from above. If you see a very extreme waist, he is too thin. And, you can’t see the waist, he is overweight.

Consider your dog from the side. Then, determine whether your dog has an abdominal tuck or not. If there is an extreme tuck, your dog is too thin and vice versa.

How Can You Tell

If you are wondering whether your dog is overweight, underweight, or ideal weight, you need to consult your vet for a help right away. She will help you make that judgment. But, you can also notice some signs at home. An overweight dog normally comes with no waist and no distinction between his stomach and chest. It’s not hard to learn how to help him to lose weight.

What Can You Do

Nowadays, there are a lot of options available you can do to help your overweight dog. There are many lifestyle changes to make when it comes to losing your dog’s weight. Just by making them, your dog still can get a healthier weight himself.

Get Moving

The first thing not only all dogs but also an overweight dog need to do is physical exercise. This is a great solution for both their mental and physical health. By doing this, your dog can improve his weight. So, it’s essential to look for something he enjoys.

Schedule Portioned Feedings

If your dog is overweight, he can eat more than he needs. That’s why you need make scheduled times to feed him. Also, it’s important to determine exactly the amount of foods your dog eats. Then, you can slowly decrease that amount in order to keep him at a healthy weight. You may know your dog’s stomach may be filled substantially by small things. In order to determine the exact size of his stomach size, you should visit your vet to confirm. In addition, you need to also know the number of treats he gets per day.


Give your dog regular weigh-ins. For the best result, you have to monitor your dog’s progress when getting your dog weight loss. It’s important to determine the right amount of foods to maintain a healthy weight. In addition, you should also see a smaller number on the scale. We recommend you to take your dog to your vet regularly for regular weight checks.

Stay Strong

It’s not easy to get an overweight dog according to a weight loss program. Your dog just feels happy when you give him a love. You just need to love him enough not to make him feel that you love him any less. Then, you can feed him smaller meals or fewer treats for the purpose of weight loss. You can even share snacks with play and exercise without feeling guilty. If you find it difficult to help him reach a healthy weight, it’s time to visit your vet’s office. Sure, your vet will help you ensure to give your dog adequate nutrition. There is a wide range of factors to handle when keeping your dog with a weight problem. If your dog’s overweight, he can’t avoid the dangers of chronic weight problems.


Keeping your dog with a healthy body weight is an important responsibility. In fact, it’s hard to do. But, you just need to monitor your dog’s activity as well as his diet. But, you can get the difference between life and death for your dog by this way.