How to Make Your Dog Smell Better

Most people feel uncomfortable with the odor of a smelly dog. In fact, this problem may make many pet owners think twice about either owning a dog. There are many kinds of dog odors such as flatulence, bad breath, the animal stepping or rolling in feces, and scents arising from poorly maintained fur. So, it’s important to keep your fur friend smelling pleasant. Check out this article to get some ways to make your dog smell better.

Bathe your Dog

Purchase some dog shampoo

For a dog with something smelly that you don’t give him a bath in for a while, it’s best to bathe him for a good start. This way is essential for fixing the odor problem. The best method is purchasing a good dog shampoo instead of trying to cover them up with artificial scents.

Wet your dog completely

You need to wet him off the top of the head to the end of the tail. Remember not to apply hot water to your dog. Instead, you should use warm water. It’s important to wet your dog all the way to the skin before you apply the dog shampoo.

Shampoo the dog

Apply some shampoo into your hands and then shampoo from the top of his neck to the end of his tail. You need to the outside of the legs, ears, the chest, feathering, belly, as well as the rest of his body. But, don’t shampoo your dog’s ears and eyes. Then, rinse the shampoo with warm water. And, do this once again for conditioner.

Allow your dog to shake the water off

It’s a good idea to let him shake out as much water as possible.

Dry your dog right away

Dry your dog with a towel. If you want, you can also use a hairdryer to do this. If you let him wet, he can get many other types of bacteria. It’s best to bathe your dog regularly. Also, you need to dry him as much as possible. But, avoid bathing him too much otherwise, he has to face health problems. We recommend you to visit your vet for advice. More importantly, don’t allow him to roll until you make him dry completely. If you let his fur wet, this can easily get the scents.

Groom Your Dog

Clean your dog’s ears

If your dog has dirty ears, he will have unpleasant dog odors. That’s why you need to clean his ears once you notice the dirty inside his ears. But, avoid doing this so often in order to avoid irritation.

Comb or brush your dog every day

By this way, you can easily eliminate some of the dirt as well as debris. They may be a cause of unpleasant dog odor.

Brush your dog’s teeth

Your dog odor may also be caused by a dirty mouth. So, you should brush his teeth often for the best health and odor.

Don’t scent your dog

Don’t spray perfume or scented household products, or deodorize on your dog. In fact, they can’t able to address the cause of the dog odor. In addition, you shouldn’t use them because they are not good for your dog. Also, they can make it worse or your dog get the injury.

Reduce Flatulence

Pay attention to your dog’s diet

If your dog eats unhealthy foods, it can be a cause of the odor. So, you need to look into the foods you feed your dog. Remember to consider the ingredients in the dog food bag. In fact, there are many commercial foods that can lead to flatulence such as soya or grains.

Change his foods

If you are feeding your dog poor quality food, it’s time to shift these foods onto better quality natural brands. These cheap brands may be a cause of the dog odor, gas, dulled coat, and bad dog breath.

Don’t allow your dog to eat the trash

It’s best to prevent your dog from doing this. In fact, your dog can eat inappropriate as well as spoiled food from the trash.

Make your dog do exercise regularly

One of the best method to relieve flatulence includes running, walking, as well as playing. They will help to encourage gut movement.

Handle the Anal Glands

Take your dog to a vet for an examination

Do this as soon as you notice your dog has an unpleasant smell from his anal glands. Sure, your vet will help you know if your dog may by overly full or infected.

Learn about possible psychological issues

If your dog is anxious, afraid, or excited, you need to also attend to some psychological problems. It’s best to talk to your vet for more ideas. You should help him feel calmer in day-to-day life in order to reduce this problem.

Clean your Dog’s Bedding

Wash cloth-bedding in the washing machine

If you want to maintain a fresher-smelling dog, you should keep his bedding clean and free of fleas. Place all cloth bedding, crate covers, as well as crate bumpers in the washing machine. Follow the instruction on the label and wash.

Dry the bedding

Use the dryer to dry your dog’s bedding. In addition, you can also set his bedding out to air dry in the sun.

Make non-washable items clean

There are some non-washable items such as a large bed or his crate. It’s best to rinse them with the hose. You can use a sponge or toothbrush to clean them when they are dirty.

We recommend you to clean your dog’s bedding weekly. Also, you can also do this biweekly depending on the level of the smell.