How to Choose the Best Rat Cages

It’s important to choose the best rat cages before you bring your cute pet at home. You have to choose ones that ensure to keep your pet safe and active when they live there. There are so many options available out there.

However, each of them has certain features as well as characteristics. You should compare your limitations as well as preferences with the right features for your pet in order to choose the best one. In this article, we will give you some of the most important findings that will help you pick the best for your cute little pets. 

Important Things to Look for

The Size

This factor is important in many ways. As though you own small size rats, you may choose any size of the cage. However, it’s important to consider the size of the cage if you have a bigger mouse. 

Make sure the cage you choose offers enough space for your pet to play, relax, and eat inside. You shouldn’t keep many rats together in one cage. 

The Base of the Rat Cage

You should choose a cage with a plain base. Also, it should be free of any rids or grates. The reason is that this can lead to a mess around the place when the base the rat’s poops are dripping of the cage. Make sure you choose a cage with a solid base. 

The Ventilation System

One of the best important features to look for when it comes to rat cages is the right ventilation system. Therefore, most of the products are made from metal bars that give enough air and light for your pets. In addition, it’s vital to keep the cage in the right place with air and light coming through.

Easy To Clean Design

This point is important for all types of pets kept at home. It can not only keep your pet healthy but also help to protect you from allergies and other health issues. In fact, germs and harmful insects can easily grow in dirty cages. That’s why it’s important to keep the cage clean. 

You should go for a cage with plain metal bars and components because they are simple to clean. 

Safe Materials

This feature is also a necessity. You shouldn’t choose a cage made of materials that are easily broken. Otherwise, your rat can shed them easily. We recommend you to choose a cage with all components built of metal. Also, choose one made of safe materials to your pet. 

5 Best Rat Cages Comparisons

1. Midwest Critter Nation with Stand

If you are looking for a rat cage with a fully loaded and well-spaces, you should buy the Midwest Critter Nation with Stand. It is designed with all the desirable feature you need. This cage is also safe for your pet. It’s possible to customize thanks to add-ons feature. In addition, there are single and two-story options, so your pet can get the best habitat. 

This cage ensures to keep your pet safe since it includes the safe pan, 4 wheel caster with lock function, stand for keeping the essentials, and spaced metal bars. 

It’s easy to clean the cage thanks to its wide-open doors. Also, this helps to care for your pet without any problems. 

2. Midwest Critter Nation with Stand, two-story 

If you are looking for a rat cage for owners with more than 1 or 2 pet rats, this name is a good choice because it features plenty of space so their pets can play and relax. It ensures to offer great space for small pets. 

This cage is built from high-quality metal with ½ inches bar spacing. Therefore, it’s able to keep your pet safe inside. With the specialized cover included in the ramps inside the cage, you haven’t to worry about slipping issues. 

It’s easy to clean this cage because you can open fully the doors. Thus, your cleaning will occur easily without any hassles. 

3. Prevue Hendryx Black Feisty Ferret Cage

You can get the best small pet cages from Prevue. They ensure to help you cater to the varying needs of active small rodents. This unit is known for a double story big cage design. Three elevated platforms allow your pet rat to move with ease. 

This cage is equipped with a hammock, so your pet can have more pleasurable activities. It ensures to give your pet enough space to move as well as climb. Moreover, it’s also easy to clean. It has the bar spacing of 7/8 inches, so it’s a good option for adult rats, ferrets, and chinchillas. However, it is not suitable for baby rats. 

4. Kaytee My First Home Deluxe Multi-Level Pet Home with Casters

If you have an active rat, you can choose this cage because it is able to meet the needs of active rats. With this cage, your pet can do exercise and activities at the same time. With this cage, your rat can freely climb and play whenever he’s in an active mood. 

You can easily clean the shelves. Also, it’s easy to move and adjust them without any hassles. May pet owners choose this cage because of its features such as the safety ramp, spiral slide, and hammock. It has the 1-inch bar spacing, so it’s great for adult rats. 

However, Kaytee is not great for ferrets. Because of the 1-inch space, small rats can escape. 

5. MidWest Homes for Pets Deluxe Ferret Nation Ferret Cage

Coming to the Midwest Homes, you will get different styles and useful features. That’s why this cage is considered as one of the best choices for small pets. It’s designed perfectly for ferrets and rats. 

It comes with wide doors to open. Therefore, you can also clean the cage with ease thanks to this feature. It’s actually easy to reach out all the corners as well as small places. It ensures to give your pet a sufficient place to move around and play. 

It’s designed with the plastic base tray, so it is perfect for the safety needs of the small pets. The cage promises to offer your pet a high-end experience because of the stand, the multistory design, and wheels casters. 


As a pet owner, one of the most important necessities you always look for is the best cages for a pet. The cage you choose should come with sturdy structures, safe constructions, and well-designed interior. Also, remember to choose one that is easy to clean. Make sure the cage you choose matches the conditions at your home. It must fit the type or size of pet rat you are going to keep in that cage. Hopefully, our reviews can help you easily compare and decide better in no time.