Best Automatic Pet Feeder for Dogs

Automatic Pet Feeder for Dogs

An automatic pet feeder will help to ensure the meals for your dog. So, today I will show the top five best automatic pet feeders for dogs.

If you have a dog, you need to feed it at least twice a day– once at night and once in the morning. However, it will become a complicated process if you are too busy or on a long trip.

Well, the best solution for you is to find a suitable automatic pet feeder. But, there are a lot of types of automatic pet feeders on the market, so that it is hard for you to choose the right device for your dog.

So, you can read my article for the best automatic pet feeder for dogs to find a suitable product for your dog.

Now, let’s start!

Some features of the automatic pet feeder for dogs

The material of the automatic pet feeder

According to It would help if you chose an automatic pet feeder for dogs that is made of a sturdy material such as steel or iron. These materials will prevent your dog from breaking into the feeder and steal the food inside.

Also, an automatic pet feeder should come with the material that is safe for your dog’s food. It will ensure that your dog’s health is excellent.

Feeding times

As far as you can see, each of the different automatic pet feeders has a separate limit of feeding times per day. So, it is necessary to find a device that makes sure that your dog will get enough feeding time in a day. This requires you to follow your dog’s health to define suitable feeding times.

Battery life

It is obvious that automatic pet feeders that come with a backup battery option are more convenient than others using electricity to run. This is because when using the battery, you can place the feeder anywhere you want. Also, your dog will not miss his meal, in case the electricity goes off.

Size of bowl

As far as my experience goes, a suitable automatic pet feeder will have to provide enough food for your dog. So, it is imperative for you to choose a device with a suitable size of a bowl.

To be able to choose the right bowl, you need to know how much your dog weighs as well as its regular meal.

Best automatic pet feeder for dogs

1. Westlink large automatic dog feeder

If you finding for an automatic pet feeder that still makes your pet feel your appearance, Westlink large automatic dog feeder will be a great choice.

As far as I know, feeding time is a good time for most dog owners. It allows creating a connection between you and your pets. However, using automatic pet feeders can destroy this connection. With the feature of a voice recorder, you can rest assure that Westlink large automatic dog feeder can still allow your pet to feel your cares even when you are away from home. Well, by using the device, you can make a 10-second voice message record that use to call your dog to come and get his food.

Also, the Westlink 6l automatic pet feeder comes with a timer programmable feeding schedule that enables you to make a strict schedule for your dog’s meal. Well, you can set up to four meals per day for your dogs. Moreover, the device has a portion control, from 1 to 39 servings per meal (one serving is 10 – 12 grams). And it is entirely suitable for a dog with a large size because of the capacity of 6 liters. Additionally, the device is made of pet-friendly materials, so it is precisely safe for your dog.

Besides, you do not have to worry if the electricity cuts off at random because of Westlink large automatic dog feeder use battery. So, it is too convenient.

2. Amzdeal automatic dog food feeder

The next automatic pet feeder for dogs I want to review is Amzdeal automatic dog food dispenser. This device has been favorited by many dog lovers all over the world.

First, Amzdeal is a superb programmable dog food feeder that allows you to set up the time and the size of meals for your dog by yourself. This helps you to control your pet’s meal when your pet is on a diet, or even it is sick. Well, you can make a schedule for your pet’s meal four times a day. Also, Amzdeal comes with a portion of 1 – 39, and each is weighing 12 grams so that it can ensure that your dog with the large size is full.

Mainly, the device has a versatile system that has a bowl, tank, and LCD. So, it is simple for you to clean without the need for exceptional support. Moreover, Amzdeal is also a dog-safe product with a battery-powered design so that you can place the device in all areas of the home.

3. PortionPro Rx automatic pet feeder

This is a creative device that comes with more feature of bringing the food to your pet.

The greatest thing about The PortionPro Rx is that it can pick up access control. Well, with the device, you can choose the meal for each of your pets, as well as just the intended dog can eat its meal. This is excellent to feed many dogs at the same time. Also, you don’t need to worry about stealing food. With its patented RFID system, the PortionPro Rx can sense a pet in an instance of 2 feet. Then it closes the door to cover the bowl for controlling access.

With the device, your pet can get between two and six meals per day, and half of cup to six cups of your pet’s food. Moreover, the food bin can hold up to 30 cups of dry kibble that is suitable for any dogs with different sizes. In addition, the device comes with a safety feature to prevent any harm to your pets or small children. It is also easy for you to clean all areas that come in contact with kibble.

4. Little giant galvanized steel chow hound dog feeder

Are you looking for an automatic dog feeder when you are far from it? If yes, this little giant galvanized steel chow hound dog feeder would provide an excellent remedy.

First, this device is made of 24-gauge galvanized steel that ensures the ultimate in durability. So, you can rest assured that your dog can not break it. In addition, Little giant galvanized steel chow hound dog feeder comes with a magnetic door that allows to keep the food dry and fresh. Primarily, your dog only needs to use its snouts to open this door and access the food. Also, the device can hold up to 50 pounds of food that ensures to provide enough food for your large dog.

Well, some dog lovers like to use this product because they can place the device and feed your pet outdoors.

5. AmazonBasics gravity pet feeder and waterer

If you’re finding an automatic dog feeder that has a reasonable price, look no further than the AmazonBasics gravity pet feeder and waterer.

The first feature of the device I want to recommend to you is its material. Well, it is made of transparent PET plastic so that you can quickly know when you need to refill the food.  In addition, the automatic dog feeder comes with side handles that allow you to grab and lift easily. The device also has non-skid feet for stopping the feeder from sliding across the floor when your dog eats.

Finally, the most important feature about the feeder you can consider is its capacity-to-hold-food. And, 12 pounds is the maximum food quantity the device can hold. With this quantity, it is suitable for the dog with the small and medium-size.



In a nutshell, feeding time plays a significant role in ensuring your dog’s health, as well as your connection to it. So, you should be careful when choosing an automatic pet feeder for your dog.

It is obvious that an automatic feeder will be the right solution for you when you are far from your dog. However, if you are not too busy, let take some time to feed your dog by yourself!